Behavior Based Safety

Behavior Based Safety Programs fail, at times, because management doesn’t recognize the prevailing culture and the need to adjust the program to the nuances of the organization.  Audubon Management Consultants delivers a customized process to help clients migrate to a culture that encourages safety values and employs safe behaviors.


We work with you to:


Following are the key features of our process:

1. Assessment
We measure loss results, recent surveys, management systems and other inputs to develop an appreciation of the location culture and behaviors.  We also assess individuals who will coach to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

2. Program Design
We design training, process and tracking systems for your unique situation.

3. Delivery
We deliver customized on-site training and a PC based tracking system.

4. Follow-up
Our process measures reactions, learning, behaviors and results.

5. Feedback
Together, we adjust the program on a continuing basis.

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