Frank J. Mielke

Frank is the Managing Director of Audubon Management Consultants, Director of  Risk Management Services for Riverton Management Consulting Group and adjunct instructor at St. Joseph’s University, Institute for Public Safety and Environmental Protection.  He is a specialist in planning, management and control issues for organizations in both the public and private sector.  An accomplished course leader, he has developed several workshops and presentations in management, risk management and related topics.

Risk Management

His work includes the development and implementation of assessments of management systems and their influence on behavior.  He has consulted on a number of large construction projects where costs and safety are significant issues.  His work also includes the strategic evaluation and assessment of the Risk Management function.

Training and Development

His experience includes authoring and delivering training and development workshops for a range of industries.

Strategic Planning

His projects have dealt with organizational, marketing, and technology issues.  His contributions have been to both ad hoc and structured planning efforts.

Marketing and Special Studies
He is skilled in identifying markets, assessing distribution channels, evaluating pricing and in management of market research projects.  He has worked closely with clients launching start-up operations.

Information Management
He is experienced in all phases of Information Management including the collection, maintenance, control and use of data.  As a practitioner, he has effectively used information in both the planning and controlling process.

Industry Experience
Prior to founding Audubon Management Consultants, he served as Director of Insurance Industry Services for Cresheim Management Consultants.  He has been associated with Riverton Management Consulting Group since 1998.  He has extensive experience in the insurance industry having served as regional Controller, Director of Planning, Director of Management information and as an Assistant Vice-President overseeing application plans.  He was employed by both the Allstate and the Reliance Insurance Company.  His earlier work was in sales, claims, and finance assignments.

He is active writer and speaker on a wide range of risk management and insurance issues.

Holder of a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Saint Francis College in Brooklyn, NY, he has an MBA from Temple University in Philadelphia.

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