Organizational Risk Assessment

Through our strategic partner, Riverton Management Consulting Group, we measure organizational systems and the influence of these systems on risk. This highly sophisticated questionnaire represents state of the art social science theory and incorporates the work of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers who analyzed a series of high profile catastrophes including Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Bhopal and others.  The ORA draws on People Centered Organizations theory, a well-founded approach that helps managers understand drivers of behavior in the workplace.  The ORA identifies the links between behavioral drivers and traditional loss control interventions.  Reports identify systemic dysfunctions that are root causes to a wide range of undesirable results including worker injury, product failure and other outcomes of consequence to the organization.

All levels of the organization participate in the survey that takes about twenty minutes to complete.  We administer the questionnaire online or via pencil and paper.  Non- English versions are available for those whose primary language is not English.  Strict protocols ensure participant confidentiality. 

Results are available in a few short weeks.  An executive summary and specific recommendations facilitate quick response to the issues.  Summary measures of risk, communications, organizational consistency and others facilitate analysis.  The report also contains a detailed profile of the 45 questions that can be arrayed by as many as 20 demographic factors. 

We present the results on-site and follow-up with a teleconference in approximately six weeks.  This follow-up session is an opportunity to answer lingering questions or to use us as a sounding board for proposed interventions.  We are available to work with those with the responsibility to implement appropriate action plans.

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