Safety Assessment Survey

A true safety culture is a blend of processes and beliefs that drive behaviors resulting in a safe and secure workplace.  We recognize that companies differ in their stage of safety culture development and crafts assessments to the unique needs of the organization.  Our reports yield precise metrics enabling clients to benchmark results against others or themselves over time. More importantly, the reports provide a roadmap supporting the development of specific and effective interventions.  Questions are easily administered and results are available within weeks.

Perceptions and Attitudes
According to a survey conducted by the Conference Board, results for companies using safety surveys indicate “very positive perceived results.”  Audubon Management Consults develops customized surveys of your safety culture. 

The art and science of safety has matured beyond the compliance and training stage.  Forward thinking companies are applying social science theory to compliment the physical science interventions of physics and chemistry.  The resulting changes from traditional compliance driven programs to behavior based and organizational based programs take time before the benefits become obvious.  In the interim, management needs to identify and address any potential problems.  Knowing what your employees are thinking and feeling is an important ingredient to building a viable safety culture.

Developing the Approach
We recognizes that companies differ in their approach to safety and respond to a wide range of influences including their demographic profile, hazard profile, company history, previous safety performance and the regulatory environment in which they operate.  Understanding the wide range of influences and the components to the existing safety program allows us to select questions from our database of questions, and customize them where necessary.  This focused approach enables your safety professionals to make the necessary adjustments to improve the safety strategy.

We distribute questionnaires to a pre-selected group, usually all members of a particular plant or location.  The questionnaire is administered under strict confidentiality protocols ensuring accurate feedback of opinions.  Versions of the instrument are available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese or other languages as required.  Results are available within weeks and results delivered on-site.

Frequently, we correlate results with other outcomes including loss runs, OSHA reports, attitude surveys and others to link employee perceptions and results.  This "cause and effect" approach improves both the effectiveness and efficiency of the continuous improvement process.

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